Polynesian Hair accessories, Wedding hair accessories, Skeleton hair barrettes, Gothic wedding,

Polynesian Hair accessories, Wedding hair accessories, Skeleton hair barrettes, Gothic wedding,
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Running Wrench, San Diego, Worst mechanic, san diego mechanic

Mr. Sawdy can do an oil change and that is about it.
He diagnosed as having needed a clutch sensor. He first cleaned it and I started having problems again so he told me it needed to be replaced. That was a cost of 300.00
This did not fix my original problem of my car idling problems.

He then said my clutch slave cylinder needed to be replaced. 80.00 dollars later he did not put it on right clutch fluid leaking everywhere so we had to push my fucking car home. This made my clutch totally screw up. He then yelled at me and said it was MY FAULT! My fault you screwed up my car? He obviously has problems dealing with women and car problems. Seriously, you screwed up and you need to fix it. We come to find out he forgot an o ring and that is why it wasn't working.

Well, 5 days after this I am having brake fluid dripping out of my car AGAIN. We call him he is not only a total jerk to me because I am a woman telling him he screwed up my car. But, he seriously can't fix what he broke. He bought a part that wasn't a HONDA part like I asked him to put on. So, he lied about getting a HONDA part. The part did not fit correctly on my car.

200.00 dollars later which means I am out a total of 580.00 dollars at this point. He again blames it on me and my car is just a nightmare. Excuse me "mobile mechanic" why are you in business and work on a customers car that you clearly screwed up? I don't get it.

Luckily, I found a great mechanic who will not rip me off. This guy sent me a refund of 120.00 writes my name wrong which gave me problems cashing the check to go to the other mechanic.
Then, when I ask for the receipt to return the slave cylinder he know's he paid with a credit card and I won't get my money back with it. He then tells me to pretty much fuck off. Well, now I am taking him to small claims court.

If this prevents someone from using this incompetent mechanic, I have done some good in the world. This jerk does not deserve your business. Stay away from him he will screw you over.
No customer service what so ever. No one deserves to be treated like this. Having someone tell you the wrong diagnosis, take your money, get the wrong parts, put it on wrong and then treat you like it's your fault your car is broken? NO THANK YOU!