Polynesian Hair accessories, Wedding hair accessories, Skeleton hair barrettes, Gothic wedding,

Polynesian Hair accessories, Wedding hair accessories, Skeleton hair barrettes, Gothic wedding,
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Best Team Feature for Our Home to Yours on Etsy

For all that like original and one of a kind items, we want you to know that you can find them here. When Amanda and Debbi create something, we almost never re-make it. Why? I dunno, we just like to try new things all the time *grin*. So if you saw something on our shop that is now sold, let us know and we'll re-make it just for you, if we can. SHOP HERE

You will never see a piece of our jewelry sold and re-listed. Debbi doesn't draw a design first, and rarely buys in bulk. She just piles her beads in front of her, and let's the jewelry design themselves. She feels that if you wanted to look like everyone else, you would be shopping at Wal-mart. But we're awfully glad you're here instead!

We are proud members of the Besteam, Capsteam, and Casteam of Etsy. We also belong to a great social craft site, Creating the Hive.

I really enjoy the wedding section. 100% feedback and great quality!
Check out what I found:)
Custom painted wedding banner

A hand painted beautiful banner to declare your love for the world to see on your special day. Each design is different so you can be sure of yours being a one of a kind rememberance. I can repeat the designs of your invitations, like the banner for Jennifer and John, or use one of my mother's designs, like the banner for Janine and Matt, or create a totally uinque design like Kelly and Pauls' banner. Sketches will be sent for approval before completing, so it will be totally personalized for the bride and groom. I will just need two weeks after ordering to complete the banner and allow the paint to dry before shipping. The banner is sealed so it is mostly weather-resistant to hang on the back of the vehicle if desired, but never tested in a down-pour.

Ring bearer pillow

A beautiful white handmade crochet pillow to carry the rings down the aisle. Perfect for both the traditional ceremony, or add a bright color ribbon for a more contemporary look. The size is 10" x 10", the perfect size for little hands. The crochet pattern is copied on the back, and the ribbon is not sewn on so you can replace it with the color of your choice.
~handmade by Debbi~

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